Hatay’daki kayıp atların çiplerini çıkardığı iddia edildi, evinde inceleme yapıldı

It was claimed that the horses lost in Hatay had their fleas removed and their home inspected.

It was claimed the horses were brought to Adana and sent to Iraq by the YK after their fleas were removed from a house with a stable. Following the allegations, police teams examined the home and barn of YK, who had a criminal record for the slaughter and sale of single-hoofed animals. A report was drawn up indicating that no criminal element was found in the house and barn.

With the decision taken at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council session on January 16, 2020, carriage transport in the islands was halted. The municipality also adopted the horses it bought. 100 of the horses delivered to municipalities across Turkey were donated to Dörtyol Municipality in two lots on August 13 and August 18, 2020. One of the horses with a chip on it to keep it from getting lost died during the move. It was claimed that 99 donated horses were missing in the meantime. The Attorney General’s Office opened a judicial investigation and the District Agriculture Directorate opened an administrative investigation in accordance with the instructions of the Dörtyol District Governor.


It was determined that the mayor of Dörtyol, Fadıl Keskin, who said he had information that 50 of the lost horses were kidnapped after the issue came to the agenda, signed the pledge of adopt only 50 horses sent by IMM. It was revealed that the remaining 50 horses out of the 100 horses sent by IMM were signed and belonged to FE, who was a civil servant in the municipality, by UA working in the subcontracting company. Mayor Fadıl Keskin resigned from the MHP, as public debates continued. The general prosecutor’s office of Dörtyol sent the file to the Ministry of the Interior in order to allow an investigation against the mayor Fadıl Keskin.


As investigations continued, new details about the incident emerged. Parent AE and his partner CC, who were employed as a civil servant in the municipality and were released after being detained in connection with the investigation opened by the Dörtyol general prosecutor’s office on charges of “ embezzlement against the public ”, reportedly rented the horses to the Dörtyol Atatürk Horse Ranch, which they rented from the municipality. At the end of the negotiations, 100 horses from Istanbul were received after reaching the Dörtyol district.

A horse seen dead during the expedition was buried at the Dörtyol animal market. 99 horses were claimed by Mayor Keskin and UA, who works as a subcontractor in the municipality. The horses were taken to the farm in groups of 10. The farm, where the horses were ridden for money, has been closed due to the pandemic. It was noted that AE and her partner CC, who could not do business for a while, had difficulty covering the expenses of the horses and asked the institutions for food aid. Unable to find an answer to their requests, AE and CC called the District Agriculture Directorate after taking a loan and feeding the horses for a while and reported that they had run away. Teams coming to the area took a report of the missing horses after doing exams in the barn with the doors open.


It has been claimed that 80 of the 99 lost horses were sold in Iraq for an average of $ 2000 each, depending on their age and breed, some of the remaining horses went to different towns, and the sick and old were slaughtered and chopped. After claiming that horse shavings were also removed from a barn in Yüreğir district in Adana by a person named YK, teams from the Yüreğir Municipality Police Department opened an investigation.


Following the investigations, a report was drawn up by the police teams. In the report, during the examination of the house belonging to YK, it was determined that there was a garage under the house and various agricultural tools and equipment in this garage. In the report, where bovine cattle were found in the barn in the garden of the house owned by YK and that he was engaged in animal husbandry, it was stated that “there were no tools, equipment or mechanism and criminal element to operate or slaughter these animals in the barn in the garage and the garden under his house. “


It was also revealed that YK, who had been inspected by police teams at his home, had a criminal history of slaughtering and selling animals with a single hoof. When the teams encountered no criminal element, they took no action against YK. We still don’t know where the horses are.

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