Knife attack in southern Germany kills at least 3

Knife attack in southern Germany kills at least 3

BERLIN – A man with a long knife killed three people and injured several others, some seriously, in the southern city of Würzburg, before being shot and arrested by police, said the German authorities.

It is not known how many people were injured in the attack in a central part of the Bavarian city of about 130,000 people, located between Munich and Frankfurt.

Police identified the suspect as a 24-year-old Somali living in Wuerzburg. His life was not in danger from his gunshot wound, they said.

Videos posted on social media showed pedestrians surrounding the assailant and holding him at bay with chairs and sticks.

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A woman who said she witnessed the incident told German television RTL that the police intervened at that time.

Police at the scene of a reported knife attack in the city of Wuerzburg, Germany on June 25, 2021.Thomas Obermeier / Reuters

“He had a really big knife on him and was attacking people,” said Julia Runze. “And then a lot of people tried to throw chairs or umbrellas or cell phones at him and arrest him. The police then approached him and I think a shot was fired, you could. hear it clearly. “

Police spokeswoman Kerstin Kunick said officers were alerted around 5 p.m. local time (1 p.m. ET) of a knife attack in Barbarossa Square in the center of town.

Bavarian Governor Markus Soeder said he was shocked by the news of the attack. “We mourn the victims and their families,” he wrote on Twitter.

Police said on Twitter that there was no danger to the public. They declined to immediately provide further information and urged social media users to refrain from speculation.

Bavaria’s top security official, Joachim Herrmann, visited the city on Friday.