Adana iki kadın arasında bıçaklı kavga: 1 yaralı

Knife fight between two women in Adana: 1 injured

The incident happened around 3 a.m. in the central Seyhan district, Sümer Mahallesi, 69110 Street. Büşra K. and Naime E., a Moroccan national, allegedly started arguing for an unknown reason. As the discussion progressed, Büra K. attacked Naime E. with a knife.

Naime E., injured in the neck and hand, escaped from here and took refuge in the house of an acquaintance of the same neighborhood. As soon as the notification was received, the police and the medical team were sent to the house where Naime E. had taken refuge. The injured woman was taken to hospital after the medical team’s first intervention. It was clarified that Naime E., who was taken into care, is in good health.

However, the police, who detained the suspect Büşra K. with the knife she used in the incident, are continuing the investigation.

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