Zeytinburnu'nda sokak ortasında bıçaklı kavga: 1'i ağır 3 yaralı

Knife fight in the middle of the street in Zeytinburnu: 3 injured, 1 serious

The incident happened around 9:00 p.m. in Seyit Nizam Mahallesi Balıklı Çırpıcı Street. Apparently, two groups of foreign nationals met on the street. The parties involved in the verbal argument began to fight immediately.

Three people were injured in the scuffle, in which the stone and knife were used. As 2 people escaped from the wounded, residents of the surrounding area provided first aid to the person who collapsed in blood. Medical teams, who were alerted, transported the injured to hospital by ambulance. Police, who investigated the brawl, began work to catch the fleeing suspects.


Eyewitness Celal Yerebakan said: “The two groups started attacking at the same time. We don’t know the reason, of course. After that, someone suddenly fell to the ground with a stab. fleeing. I saw 3 wounded. The seriously injured person was stabbed in the throat. He was injured. “Our neighbors helped the young man. A group of 8 to 10 people in total fought,” he said.

The moments of the fight were reflected on the cell phone camera.

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