Bursa'da minibüs devrildi: 1 ölü, 3 yaralı

Minibus overturned in Bursa: 1 dead, 3 injured

The accident happened around 11:30 am in the Yörükler Mahallesi cemetery on the Orhaneli-Bursa road. The minibus with license plate 16 BS 914 under the direction of Davut Bahşi, heading towards the city center, lost control and overturned. Fatma Bağcı, Yüksel Bağcı and Hatice Bağcı, who were in the car with driver Bahşi, were injured in the accident.

The medical teams, arrived at the scene of the accident with a warning, took the 4 injured to hospital with ambulances after the first intervention. Yüksel Bağcı, whose state of health was critical, died of the wounded who received treatment. The gendarmerie opened an investigation into the accident.