Kazada ölen motosiklet tutkunu arkadaşlar toprağa verildi

Motorcycle enthusiast friends who died in the crash have been buried

The accident happened yesterday at the Cehennem Creek location of the Korkuteli-Antalya highway. In Antalya, the motorcycle with a 48 AAH 993 plate used by Şemsi Akarca, son of Cumhur Akarca, owner of Paçacı Şemsi, got out of control and hit the barriers. In the accident, Şemsi Akarca and his friend Hakan Sert died. The funeral of the two young people was conducted at the mortuary of the Korkuteli State Hospital.

The bodies, taken today by their families, were brought to Antalya. Şemsi Akarca’s funeral was buried at Koducak Cemetery in Yukarı Kocayatak District, and Hakan Sert’s body at Kırcami Çetingözler Cemetery.

The passion for motorcycles of the two young people was also reflected in their accounts on social networks.

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