Resepsiyonistten turiste 'kendi mahsülü' uyuşturucu

“Own harvest” medicines from receptionist to tourist

Finding that MK, who works as a receptionist at a hotel in the Marmaris district of Muğla, was cultivating drugs in his house and selling it to tourists, the police raided the address. While the drugs cultivated in pots and bags were seized during the operation, MK was detained.

Teams from the Narcotics Bureau of the Marmaris District Police Department received a report that the person working as a receptionist in a hotel was supplying drugs to tourists. Taking action, teams of plainclothes police technically and physically followed receptionist MK.

Teams searched MK’s apartment today morning. During the search of the house, heating and ventilation systems installed in a room for cultivating drugs, equipment used in the production of drugs, 20 cannabis roots 15-50 centimeters long, 0.59 grams of cocaine and various pesticides used in the cultivation of the drug were seized. . It has been learned that the prosecution of MK, who was taken into police custody and brought to the district chief of narcotics crime, is continuing.

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