Pit bull terror in Sanliurfa - Video 7

Pit bull terror in Sanliurfa – Video 7

A pit bull dog attacked the cat in the middle of the street in the Eyyübiye district of Şanlıurfa. The moment of the attack was recorded by a citizen with a cell phone camera.

According to information obtained, the incident took place in Yakubiye district of Eyyübiye district. Apparently, a pit bull dog chained to a tree outside a workplace on Fuzuli Street caught a passing cat at the time. The dog, trying to tear the cat apart with its teeth, continued its attack despite the intervention of people around with a stick. These moments recorded by a citizen on a cell phone froze the blood. The long-running attack barely ended after the efforts of the citizens.

The cat, who was injured in various parts of his body as a result of the dog attack, was left on the road.