Rain of bullets in the workplace! Horror moments in front of the camera

Rain of bullets in the workplace! Horror moments in front of the camera

An armed attack on a car dealership in Sultangazi was filmed. In the footage, 2 people were seen to come to the workplace, shoot a gun and run away. On the other hand, the moments when a citizen made the coffee table a shield for himself during the incident were also reflected on the security camera second by second.

An armed attack was carried out by two unidentified people against a new car dealership in Sultangazi on June 23. The moment of the attack was recorded second by second by security cameras.

In footage of the incident, two people are seen to open fire from the entrance to the workplace in the evening. It is understood that 4 people were sitting in the office during the incident, while the image of a person was not reflected on the camera, and during this time he was on the side of the workplace.

It was also reflected in the security camera that the attackers noticed the 5th person outside when they started shooting and they panicked and quickly fled from the scene.

It was seen in the video that a person reading the magazine in his hand during the attack escaped the bullet target with a difference of seconds. It is understood that the person who heard the sound of the gunshots saw the attackers when he looked outside and immediately threw himself to the ground and used the coffee table as a shield for himself, while that a bullet pierced the window from which he was standing. sitting with a difference of seconds.

However, the work of the security forces on the incident continues.