Serinlemek için gölete giren Serpil, sevgilisinin gözü önünde suda kayboldu

Serpil, who entered the pond to cool off, disappeared into the water in front of her lover.

Search and rescue efforts were launched by the police and firefighters to find Dayan.

Halil Çetin, a 35-year-old farmer living in Çakırca Ali district in Alaşehir, went for a picnic with his friend Serpil Dayan at the Avşar dam, located 15 kilometers away. The duo, overwhelmed by the heat, entered the dam lake to cool off around 5:00 p.m. After pulling away from the shore a bit, Serpil Dayan began to sink into and out of the water.

Dayan is said to have fallen in love with her boyfriend Çetin. “I can’t swim well. Save me” he asked for help. Although Çetin tried to save his girlfriend, his efforts were insufficient. The young woman got lost in the water.

Çetin went ashore and called the 112 call center on his cell phone and asked for help. On notice, the gendarmerie, firefighters and 112 rescue teams were dispatched to the scene. Dayan could not be reached looking for police and firefighters from the shore. A dive team was requested from the Manisa Metropolitan Fire Department Underwater Team and the Izmir Provincial Police Department Marine Branch to search the pond.

Elif Çetin (55), the mother of Halil Çetin, who came to the pond after hearing the incident, “We were at a relative’s mawlid in Çakırca Ali district. Halil called and said, ‘We came to the dam, Serpil got lost while swimming in the pond.” We came immediately to help. ” , did he declare. mentionned.

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