Şırnak'ta kaçakçılık ve asayiş operasyonları: 73 gözaltı

Smuggling and public order operations in Şırnak: 73 detentions

Teams from the provincial police department carried out anti-smuggling and public order operations throughout the town and at the Habur border post from May 17 to 23.

In operations, 121.29 grams of methamphetamine, 80.59 grams of heroin, 74.91 grams of cannabis, 7.61 grams of cannabis seeds, 4 drug consumption devices, 8 thousand 138 packs of contraband cigarettes customs, 719 liters of fuel, 453 cell phones, 40 packages of electronic cigarette tobacco were seized.

As part of the operation, 73 people were arrested, 71 for trafficking and 2 for public order offenses.

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