Bayburt'ta korkutan yangın: 5 ev kullanılamaz hale geldi!

Spooky fire in Bayburt: 5 houses have become unusable!

In the Güneydere village of Bayburt, a fire broke out in the house belonging to Ercan Bayrakoğlu for an undetermined reason. Despite the intervention of the villagers, the flames quickly spread and spread to other adjacent houses, barns and stables.

Many firefighters were dispatched to the village. 5 houses, 3 barns and 2 barns became unusable in the fire which was brought under control thanks to the long-term intervention of the firefighters.

The governor of Bayburt Cüneyt Epcim, the mayor of Bayburt Hükmü Pekmezci, the mayor of Aydıntepe Haşim Şentürk, the mayor of Arpalı Abdurrahman Polattimur, the provincial commander of the gendarmerie Ramazan Yi Generalit, the general secretary of the private administration Hayrettin Koçyiğit , Director of National Education Cengiz Karakaşlanel Adlu, Director of Forest Management, Head of Chiefs Association Abubekir Altındaşoğlu and Head of Village Hikmet Yaşaroğlu conducted an examination at the scene of the fire and expresses their wishes for recovery.