Şarampole devrilen araçta can verdi

Stockade died in overturned vehicle

The light commercial vehicle with 24 license plates FU 826 used by Binali Tok was overturned in the palisade following the loss of steering control on the road leading to the village of Tercan-Gökpınar.

In the accident, İhsan Esen (58), who learned to be a passenger, died at the scene and driver Tok, who was injured, and Emin Pirencer, who was considered to be a passenger in the vehicle, have been injured.

Upon notification, the 112 emergency medical teams, who came to the scene, took the injured to the Erzincan Binali Yıldırım University Training and Research Hospital in Mengücek.

It was learned that the wounded treated at the hospital were in danger of death.

The funeral of İhsan Esen, who died, was taken to the morgue of Tercan State Hospital for an autopsy after the state prosecutor’s examination.