Polisin durdurduğu araçtan, çalınan gebe inek çıktı

Stolen pregnant cow was found in police stopped vehicle

The owner was contacted from the cow’s earring number, which was determined to be 4 months pregnant during the vet check. Süleyman Yüksel, who learned from the police that his cow, which he had left in the pasture, had been stolen, thanked him.

The Karamürsel district police teams stopped the vehicle and saw that there was a cow in the back when they searched. Upon questioning from the earring number in his ear, it was determined that the owner of the animal was someone else. Thereupon, while AU, YU and GU in the vehicle were taken into custody, Süleyman Yüksel, the owner of the cow, which was allegedly stolen, was informed.

When it was heard that the cow had been stolen from the Hamidiye district of Gölcük, the suspects and the animal were brought to the district police department. Here it was determined that the cow, which was checked by a vet, was 4 months pregnant. After the necessary actions, the cow was returned to its owner and the suspects were handed over to the gendarmerie teams.

Süleyman Yüksel said he did not realize that his cow, which he was grazing, had been stolen. “I noticed this when the security forces called me. I didn’t know about it before. They said the cow had been found in Karamürsel. We came to receive it. Thank you.” mentionned.

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