Tarlada çalışan çiftçiye pusu kuran şüpheli tutuklandı

Suspect arrested for ambushing farmer working in field

Bülent Sungur (40), who lives in the Gölbaşı neighborhood of Kale district, and Halil Ç, who has antagonisms due to the past. (38) implemented the plan he had prepared to kill Bülent Sungur, after his follow-up for 4-5 days.

Halil Ç, who followed Bülent Sungur to the field where he went to plant tobacco, shot Sungur with a shotgun from the forest area. Seeing his enmity on the ground in blood, the suspect hid the tool of the crime in the woods and went to his store and continued to work as if nothing had happened.

Bülent Sungur, seriously injured by the nonsense that hit his head, was transferred to hospital by ambulance. As a result of the joint investigation by the Police Crime Investigation Team (JASAT) and the Kale District Gendarmerie Command, police detectives, the suspect, who shot Bülent Sungur from the forest area, was Halil Ç. (38) turned out to be. Halil Ç., Who was taken into custody at his relative’s home, which he hid last night, denied the charges and asked two of his friends to give false witnesses to prove he was elsewhere during the incident.

Halil Ç., Whose questioning continued until the morning, had to confess his guilt during cross-examination. The shotgun, which was hidden after the incident, was found in the field after the suspect showed JASAT a place. Halil Ç., Who was sent to the courthouse after the testimony, was arrested and sent to jail for the crime of “intentional attempted murder”.