Ebola kills man who helped orphans

[ESCORT] – Augustine Bakers role in dealing with the Ebola virus continues to be broadly respected

A Sierra Leonean who labored with children orphaned by Ebola has died from the disease themself

The BBCs Tulip Mazumdar reported from St George Foundation orphanage recently

However in recent days the crisis has reduced and also the government authorities from the three nations have pledged to attain zero Ebola infections over the following two several weeks

Augustine Baker was an unsung hero

In the height from the Ebola crisis he’d get into high-risk towns to assist children who was simply orphaned through the disease

Together with his backpack on and the notebook and pen handy Mr Baker would collect data and go and discover the kids to consider these to the orphanage

His co-workers who’re kept in quarantine in the orphanage were grieving as news of his dying broke

Jestina Conteh was sobbing as she spoke in my experience on the telephone He stated Mr Baker would be a devoted friend who never stated No looking for Ebola orphans

When Mr Baker was identified with Ebola orphanage co-founder Philip Dean stated he’d labored relentlessly to assist children orphaned through the disease

He understood he what food was in risk but did the task since it must be done Mr Dean added

The orphanage was placed in 2004 and before the Ebola outbreak was mainly worried about saving street children

Within the this past year it’s assisted take care of some 200 children orphaned by Ebola


Deaths – probable confirmed and suspected

(Includes one in america and 6 in Mali)

4037 Liberia

3461 Sierra Leone

2091 Guinea

8 Nigeria