Australia probes IS teen death

(BURSA ESKORT) — A picture released by Twitter accounts linked to IS proposes to show Mike Bilardi inside a suicide explosive device van

Australia is trying to ensure reviews that the Australian teen died while undertaking a suicide attack for Islamic Condition (IS)

IS propaganda released on Thursday stated that Mike Bilardi passed away inside a co-ordinated number of suicide tanks in Ramadi in Anbar province Iraq

The reviews haven’t been individually verified

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop stated she’d learned some several weeks ago he had travelled towards the Middle East

The federal government cancelled Bilardis passport in October Ms Bishop stated

When the reviews [of Bilardis dying] are confirmed this really is another tragic illustration of a youthful Australian being attracted to some senseless and violent dying with a brutal terrorist organisation that’s set on imposing suffering and misery not just in Iraq and Syria but beyond she told reporters

A picture circulated on Thursday made an appearance to exhibit Bilardi relaxing in a whitened van together with his Arabic title – Abu Abdullah al Australi – printed underneath and also the caption may God accept him

Bilardi is known to possess left Australia in August this past year and travelled to Iraq via Istanbul

Australias ABC reported he left a number of improvised explosive products at his home

The products put together by his family who notified government bodies ABC stated Ms Bishop rejected to discuss the report

Your blog apparently written through the teen but removed from the web contained risks to handle terror attacks around australia

Requested concerning the risks Ms Bishop stated she was trying to read the report and would comment following a briefing from security services

Bilardi had talked to the BBCs Secunder Kermani in December and stated he’d travelled towards the Middle East chasing after dying

I may as well kill as numerous kuffar [infidels] when i can he stated

Twitter accounts linked to IS stated that Bilardi died in a number of vehicle explosive device attacks on Ramadi together with foreign martial artists from Uzbekistan Russia Syria Egypt Belgium and The other agents

The Australian coalition government managed to get a legal earlier in March for Australian people to create feet within the IS stronghold of Mosul with no legitimate reason like a trip to family

Any Australian who travels towards the city could face ten years imprisonment

Similar limitations which makes it an offence for Australian people to go to the Syrian province of al-Raqqa these guys stronghold were set up in December

But Australia estimations that around 90 of their people have previously travelled to Iraq or Syria to battle with IS and 20 have been wiped out within the conflict

The federal government has cancelled 100 sexual on national security grounds

A week ago two siblings were intercepted at Sydney airport terminal a week ago suspected of trying to participate Is That They were later launched for their parents