2 yaşındaki kızını pencereden attı: “Cinler istedi, yaptım”

Tekirdag news threw her 2 year old daughter out the window: “The jinn wanted it, I did it”

Ümmühan Dumanoğlu, 31, threw his 2-year-old daughter out of the window of her house in Tekirdağ. In his statement, Dumanlıoğlu said, “The demons came to me and asked me to throw my daughter to the ground. They said if I didn’t throw my daughter would go to hell.

Ümmühan Dumanlıoğlu, who lives in Çorlu, left her factory worker husband Ahmet Dumanl workeroğlu a year and a half ago, with whom she had a discord and moved to her mother’s house in Şerif Arpalık Street, Nusratiye Mahallesi, taking his daughter Ayşegül with her. Ümmühan Dumanlıoğlu, who is going through a divorce with her husband and is said to have psychological problems, threw her daughter Ayşegül out of the window of their second floor apartment on June 9. While Ayşegül was seriously injured, Dumanlıoğlu went to see her daughter, who was lying in the street. Medical teams were dispatched to the area upon notification of those who saw the incident. Ayşegül, who received first aid from health authorities, was taken to Çorlu public hospital and then to Trakya University medical faculty hospital in Edirne. Ayşegül, who was taken into care, died on June 12, despite the best efforts of the doctors.


Ümmühan Dumanlıoğlu, who was taken into police custody, was arrested for “intentional manslaughter” by the court where she was taken to the courthouse after her procedures at the police station. In Dumanlıoğlu’s statement, “We live in my mother’s house with my daughter. When my mother entered the kitchen, I went into the living room with my daughter. The demons came towards me and told me to throw my daughter to the ground. They said if I don’t Throw my daughter will go to hell. So I took my daughter and I came to the window; I threw my daughter out the window. The demons said. I ran downstairs , I took my daughter and I brought her to my mother. She was taken to the hospital ” said to have been said.


Ahmet Dumanlıoğlu, who buried his daughter in tears, filed a complaint against Ümmühan Dumanlıoğlu, with whom he was divorcing. Dumanlıoğlu, in his statement, “We have been living in separate houses for a year and a half. He suffered from a psychological disorder. I am a complainant and I am filing a complaint against my wife who caused the death of my daughter” mentionned.

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