Otomobil, römorka çarptı; sürücü ile annesi yaralandı, eşi öldü

The car struck the trailer; driver and his mother were injured, his wife died

The accident happened yesterday on the way to Beyendik town of Keşan district and Hacıköy district of İpsala. Driving from Hacıköy towards Beyendik, the car with license plate 22 PF 945 under the direction of Selçuk Engin struck the trailer attached to the rear of the tractor with the license plate 22 PK 249 used by CB, which was on the main road of the road field.

In the accident, driver Selçuk Engin and his wife Simge and mother Ayşe Engin were injured. The injured were transported to Keşan State Hospital by ambulance after the first intervention of health teams, who were sent to the area on notice, and received treatment. Icon Engin, whose state of health was critical, died despite all the intervention of the doctors. The gendarmerie opened an investigation into the accident.