The car was split in two on the Sakarya D-100 highway! 6 injured

The car was split in two on the Sakarya D-100 highway! 6 injured

The accident happened at Sakarya-Duzce D100 highway district Erenler tower Sarıcalar. According to the information received, Ş.YEÇ., Who wishes to take the D100 motorway from the Sarıcalar bend, with a Ford brand car with plate 54 AES 229 under his administration. 54 YE 449 cars of the Tofaş brand collided with him. Under the impact of the collision, the Tofaş brand car split in two like a piece of paper. In the accident that occurred, the SY and EC drivers in vehicles with; MC, BC, MC and 6 people named SY were injured. Seeing the injured thrown onto the road in the crash, surrounding citizens opened umbrellas and waited for ambulances to arrive in the area so that the injured lying on the ground were not affected by the heat.

In Esenyurt, the drunk driver made a mess!In Esenyurt, the drunk driver made a mess!


The first interventions were carried out on the spot by the health teams sent to the region, and the injured were transported to the training and research hospital of Sakarya and to the emergency aid hospital of Toyotasa by ambulances and patients. Traffic was disrupted for some time in the accident area. As controlled traffic returned to normal after vehicles were removed from the road using tow trucks, an investigation was opened into the crash.