The ceding dispute is bloody! Horror moments in front of the camera

The ceding dispute is bloody! Horror moments in front of the camera

The taxi driver’s friends, who were beaten with brass knuckles in the struggle to give way, turned it into a war zone. Taxi drivers who tried to cut the road and lynch the attacker also damaged the vehicles. After the incidents, as police teams were detained on both sides, the moments of horror reflected on the cell phone for a few seconds.

The incident took place at a site in Zafer district in Esenyurt yesterday around 2:30 p.m. According to the information obtained, Reşit K., one of the inhabitants of the site, began to argue with the taxi driver Mehmet F. at the front door to give way. The verbal argument suddenly turned into a fight. A resident of the site injured the taxi driver with the “brass knuckles” he took. While the seriously injured taxi driver was taken to hospital covered in blood, the attacker fled to the scene.

Taxi drivers turned things into a war zone

Taxi drivers, who learned that their colleagues had been injured, wreaked havoc. Taxi drivers who entered the site began to find and beat the attacker. Meanwhile, the taxi drivers, who attacked Reşit K.’s vehicle, damaged a lot. Local citizens, who saw the incident, informed the police and medical teams. Evaluating the notice, the teams arrived in no time and separated the parties. Reşit K. and Mehmet F. were hospitalized.

Many arrests of police teams

Police teams affiliated with the Esenyurt District Police Department resolved the incident in a short time and identified the parties involved in the brawl. While the taxi drivers were detained, their vehicles were immobilized. The parties to the incident were taken to the police station to testify after their treatment at the hospital. In addition, taxi drivers have been penalized for “breach of road safety and injuries through negligence”. The events that took place were reflected in the cell phone camera within seconds.