Trenin çarptığı kamyonetteki sürücü feci şekilde can verdi!

The driver of the truck hit by the train died horribly!

The accident happened at the level crossing in Velimeşe district between Çerkezköy and Ergene districts. Freight train number 12018, driven by mechanic Halil A., crashed into the truck numbered 59 UU 415 used by Mustafa Uyumaz, which was trying to cross at the level crossing.

The vehicle, thrown by the force of the collision, struck the utility pole. The medical teams, who came with the notification of those around, determined that Uyumaz, who was stuck in the vehicle, died. Uyumaz’s body, which was removed from the vehicle by firefighters, was transported by ambulance to the morgue at Çerkezköy public hospital.

Engineer Halil A. was taken to the command of the district gendarmerie for questioning. The accident investigation is continuing.

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