Tarla sınırı kavgası kanlı bitti

The frontier struggle on the ground is over

Two hostile family members, who were relatives from Sırakaya village, started arguing about the border dispute on the ground while working in the field. The debate that developed in a short time has turned into armed combat. During the fight, Sait Mahmut Günakın was seriously injured by the bullshit fired by the rifle, which was not known. Günakın, who was taken to Kahta State Hospital by ambulance by paramedics who came to the scene with notice, died despite the emergency room intervention. Günakın’s body was taken to the morgue for an autopsy.

After the incident, the gendarmerie teams took important security measures to prevent another fight between the two family members in the village. Investigation continues into the incident in which 2 people, who were determined to be involved in the brawl, were arrested.

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