The image that makes you abandon in Osmaniye! They did this when they couldn't find anywhere

The image that makes you abandon in Osmaniye! They did this when they couldn’t find anywhere

When thieves who entered a workplace in Osmaniye couldn’t find what they were looking for, they stole a tray of baklava. As the moment of the theft was reflected on the cameras, it was seen that people were looking for the workplace.

According to information obtained, the theft occurred in the baklava store located at 8529 Street in Mimar Sinan district. Noting that there was no tray of baklava in the workplace cupboard, the workplace employees examined the security camera footage to understand the situation. Seeing that 3 people entered the workplace and stole a tray of baklava from the footage, the workers at the workplace reported the situation to the police. Upon notification, teams from the head of the theft branch of the public security branch, who were referred to the baklava store where the theft took place, examined the workplace security camera. Identifying the people from the images, the teams launched an operation to capture the suspects. Following the physical follow-up, people named M.Ç.G., BK and HY were arrested at their residence. The persons presumed to be minors were handed over to the Children’s Directorate.

It has been learned that the persons named M.Ç.G., BK and HY will be referred to the courthouse after the procedures at the police station.