Devrilen kamyonetteki anne öldü, eşi ve 3 aylık bebeği ile 2 yaşındaki çocuğu yaralı

The mother of the overturned truck died, her husband, 3-month-old baby and 2-year-old were injured

The objects loaded in the truck, which lay on its side and dragged 50 meters, were strewn on the road.

The accident happened around 7:00 am, near the Berberoğlu flour factory, 3rd kilometer of the Burdur-Antalya road. Arrived in Burdur from the Alanya district of Antalya for work, the van with the plate 07 NE 179 and loaded with household items, under the direction of İsa Bekar (24), got out of control and overturned in the fence. Leaning to the side, drifting for about 50 meters, the objects in the truck scattered on the road.

With the advice of those present, health and police teams were dispatched to the scene of the accident. In the accident, the driver Isa Bekar and his wife Cahide Bekar, their 3 month old baby Efsa Bekar and their 2 year old child whose name could not be learned were injured. The family was taken to Burdur State Hospital by ambulance and treated. Cahide Bekar died despite all the interventions made here. Bekar’s lifeless body was placed in the mortuary of the same hospital. My investigation into the accident has been opened.

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