Dayısını tüfekle yaralayan yeğene 22 yıl hapis

The nephew who injured his uncle with a gun is sentenced to 22 years in prison

The incident happened on January 24 at the taxi rank where Ataberk T. worked in Molla Sokak in the Melikgazi district. Apparently, Gökhan Y. asked his uncle Ataberk T., who was a taxi driver, whom he called on his cell phone, to take him to his girlfriend’s house for 150 TL. Ataberk T. said he could take his nephew for 300 TL. Thereupon there was an argument between his nephew and his uncle.

Gökhan Y., who allegedly cursed Ataberk T. on the phone, and his friend Ferhat Ç. He came to the taxi rank and chatted again with Ataberk T. It was reported that Gökhan Y., who injured Ataberk T. in various parts of his body with a shotgun, threatened his aunt and 2 cousins ​​with a gun during the discussion. After the incident, Gökhan Y. and his friend Ferhat Ç., Who allegedly helped him. was arrested and put in jail. A complaint was filed against them for “threatened with a firearm” and “voluntary murder”.

The defendant Gökhan Y. and Ferhat Ç. joined the prison via the Audio and Video Information System (SEGBİS). The victims did not attend the hearing. Ferhat Ç, one of the defendants, said he knew nothing, “I lied innocent for 6 months. I want my acquittal “ mentionned.

Defendant Gökhan Y., who said he regretted it, “I never shot my aunt and nephews. I cursed my uncle. For that, I apologize to you and my uncle. I agree with the punishment you give. God is witness that I went there to apologize to my uncle and kiss his hand. I wanted to kiss your hand. When I hit him with a stick, I squeezed him to scare him “ mentionned.

The court sentenced Gökhan Y. to life imprisonment before being charged with “deliberate attempt to kill a man”. The delegation reduced the sentence to 13 years because the act remained at the stage of attempt. Gökhan Y., his aunt and 2 cousins ​​were sentenced to a total of 22 years in prison, 3 times 3 years, for ‘threat with a gun’. The court sentenced Ferhat Ç. to 6 years and 6 months in prison for “willful aid in an attempted murder”. The delegation decided to maintain the detention of the two accused.

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