Kazada ölen Ezgi'nin tek hayali matematik öğretmeni olmaktı

The only dream of Ezgi, who died in the accident, was to become a math teacher.

It has been learned that Ezgi Aslanbek, who always dreamed of being a math teacher, returned from a picnic with his former teachers on the day of the accident. Ezgi Aslanbek’s body was sent to Izmir for burial.

The accident happened at the junction of the Afyonkarahisar-Konya Fatih Nizamiye ring road around 10 p.m. on June 26. The car with registration number 03 BM 376 under the direction of AT (24) collided with the car with registration number 06 BN 6432 used by SY. SY’s car, swept away by the violence of the collision, struck the utility pole at the intersection and rolled onto its side.

After the accident, many teams of police, health and the Provincial Directorate of Disasters and Emergencies (AFAD) were sent to the region. The teams at the finish determined that Ezgi Aslanbek, who was in the car lying on its side, was deceased. The teams took H.İ.K., who was a passenger in the car with license plate 06 BN 6432 and was injured, to Afyonkarahisar State Hospital by ambulance.


The AFAD teams, who came for help, were surprised to see their colleagues Sadettin Aslanbek and his wife Sevim Aslanbek on the spot when they were not on duty. When Aslanbek said his daughter was in one of the vehicles involved in the crash, AFAD teams barely told the aching father that his daughter Ezgi Aslanbek had died after hiding the situation for some time. Ezgi Aslanbek’s body was sent to Ovacık, in Bergama district of Izmir, to be buried after autopsy procedures performed early this morning.


It has been learned that Ezgi Aslanbek, influenced by her teachers, dreams of becoming a math teacher and is a second year student at the Department of Mathematics Education in Balıkesir. It was reported that Ezgi Aslanbek had returned from the picnic she attended with her teachers at the old school on the day of the crash, and that SY, who was driving the car involved in the crash, was his former teacher.


Ezgi Aslanbek’s former math teacher, Burhan Can, said: “Even though he was one of the former students of our course, he never severed his ties with our course or with the teachers, c was a loyal and smiling student and fell in love with the teaching profession. Although he won university, he always stopped at our institution when he was in Afyonkarahisar. We tried to shed as much light as possible on what he could do in terms of teaching. He was a very cheerful person with a very high life energy, smiling, constantly radiating energy around him, his own beautiful, beautiful heart. His passing from us at a young age hurt us deeply, we remember him in memories with his exemplary demeanor. We will continue, ”he said.

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