Yollar kan gölü! Trafik kazalarında 6 ayda 945 can kaybı yaşandı

The roads are bloodshed! 945 lives lost in traffic accidents in 6 months

Despite all the warnings and increased inspections across Turkey, drivers who break the rules continue to suffer. In the first 6 months of 2021, 945 people lost their lives in 172,000 74 road accidents in Turkey, and 104,000,567 people were injured. During the month-long inspections of traffic teams, 57,000,314 drivers convicted of impaired driving were punished.

Unfortunate accident in Bursa! He was hospitalized while trying to withdraw money


According to the information received by the İHA reporter from the Traffic Department of the General Directorate of Security, the accident report for the period of last June revealed striking results. During a month, 35 thousand 4 accidents occurred throughout the country. While 25 thousand 298 people were injured in the crashes, 228 people died. 11 thousand 633 fatal and bodily accidents have occurred as a result of “hitting the pedestrian”. While 76,000,289 of the accidents in the first 6 months of the new year were caused by driver fault, 6,000,693 of them were caused by pedestrian fault. 2,164 of the accidents over the 6-month period were caused by drivers who did not stop at a red light. 890 unruly drivers who have been drinking and driving have been involved in injuries and fatalities.


According to official data, in the first 6 months of the year, 44 people in Ankara, 35 people in Bursa, 42 people in Istanbul and 48 people in Izmir lost their lives in traffic accidents. In Bursa, where 2 thousand 645 bodily accidents occurred, 3 thousand 729 people were hospitalized and treated. The Bursa Police Department announced that accidents agreed to by drivers are not included in the figures. In the past 6 months, 8 million 417,000 418 drivers and pedestrians who broke the rules in Turkey have been fined. During inspections, 57,000,314 drivers convicted of impaired driving were punished. During inspections, 646 thousand 745 vehicles were banned from circulation.