Nehirde kaybolan Emirhan'ı arama çalışmaları sürüyor

The search for Emirhan, missing in the river, continues.

The incident happened on July 3 in Adatepe District of Karasu District. Emirhan Henden wanted to use the boat to feed the animals across the Sakarya River. Henden, to his friends who saw him on his cell phone, “Guys, I’m going, excuse your rights” After saying that, he went into the water to get to the boat and started swimming. Meanwhile, Emirhan Henden was swept away by the current and disappeared after a while.

AFAD and the divers police, who were sent to the region on the notification of their friends, have launched a search operation. However, despite all the research, Emirhan could not be found. The Search and Rescue Force, search and rescue teams and district boat owners also participated in the search efforts today.

Teams search efforts for Emirhan Henden continue.