Ataşehir’de güpegündüz gasp dehşeti! Başından vurdular

The terror of extortion in broad daylight in Ataşehir! They shot him in the head

The incident took place in the morning in front of the detention building at Küçükbakköy Mahallesi Başar Sokak. Detention worker Sibel Koçan was allegedly assaulted as she got into her car with a bag full of money. The assailants, who shot the woman in the head, took the bag full of money and fled. Police and paramedics were dispatched to the scene. The woman, who was transported to a private hospital by ambulance that came to the scene, could not be saved despite all the interventions. Police examined the empty casing and the vehicle.


Eyewitness Ayhan Morkoç said: “We saw a woman being shot. We heard 3 shots. She was shot dead as she got into the car, they had to ambush. Police have launched a hunt for the fleeing armed men.

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