Kontrolden çıkan kamyon dehşete kapıldı! Bu anlar kamera önünde ...

The truck that lost control was horrified! These moments are in front of the camera …

The truck, which got out of control on the rainy road from Iznik district to Bursa, first struck a motorcycle and then a tractor. The moments of the accident where 2 people were injured were reflected on the security camera of a workplace.

The accident happened at noon in Boyaca district of Iznik district.

The 54 AES 563 backplate truck under the direction of Orhan V. from Orhangazi district in Iznik was out of control due to the rainy and slippery road in the center of the village.

The trailer of the truck first struck Onur Tuna, who was riding by the side of the road with his motorcycle. Danube was injured. The truck, which did not slow down, then struck the 16 FCJ plate tractor used by Halil Kuru from behind.

Sezer Kuru, wife of Halil Kuru, who was on the tractor, was seriously injured. The driver and his mother, Dudu Kuru, survived the accident unscathed. 2 wounded were transported to Iznik State Hospital by ambulances on the scene.

While the driver of the truck was detained by the gendarmerie, an investigation was opened into the accident. The moments of the accident were seen by the security camera of a workplace.