Yol kesip husumetlilerine saldırdılar: 6 yaralı

They cut the road and attacked the enemies: 6 wounded

The struggle between the groups which blocked the entrances and exits of the region by building barricades with their cars ended with the intervention of the gendarmerie.

About a week ago, a dispute broke out between residents of rural Barcın Mahallesi and Kirazlıyayla district of Yenişehir district. The discussion ended in a short time with the intervention of the gendarmerie. However, the tension between the inhabitants of the 2 districts continued for a week. With that, a group living in Barcın Mahallesi, who saw 5 people from Kirazlıyayla district going to the district center last night, erected a barricade with their cars in Kirazlıyayla-Barcın Yolu Çınarlar and started waiting for their hostile people on the way back.

The group returned to Kirazlıyayla district around 10:00 p.m. and saw that the road was blocked. The group, who wanted to open the road when they got out of the car, attacked the group sitting in the Barcın neighborhood, who were waiting by the side of the road. While the fight with stones and sticks between the two groups intensified in a short time, a large number of gendarmes and medical teams were dispatched to the scene as soon as this was notified.


As the group tried to escape the scene by car and go to Kirazlıyayla district, they hit cars on the barricade and 4 vehicles were damaged. As a result of the intense efforts of the gendarmerie teams, the parties broke up, during the incident a total of 6 people from both groups were injured, who were hit by stones and sticks on various parts of the their body. Şaban Sarıabi, Özcan Kara, Gökhan Cambaz, Samet Can Kara, İsmail Kara and Mehmet Ali Sevinç, with whom the medical teams had the first intervention, were taken to Yenişehir State Hospital. We learned that the health conditions of the wounded who were taken care of were good.