Eve giren hırsızlar 10 bin liralık ziynet eşyasını böyle çaldı

Thieves who entered the house stole 10,000 pounds of jewelry like this

As one of the women was arrested, it was learned that efforts to capture the fugitive were continuing.

According to information obtained, the incident occurred on April 20, 2021 at a house in the Esenevler district. When the couple, who were teachers, returned home, they saw that the house was scattered and their jewelry was out of place.

Looking at the tapes from the hidden cameras placed in the bedrooms with the thought that a thief had entered the room, the couple saw that the two women had entered the house and were looking for jewelry. The couple, who said a thief broke into their home, called for help from the police. Upon notification, the teams of the head of the flight office of the Directorate of Public Security were sent to the house where the theft was committed.

The teams, who meticulously looked at the footage on the camera placed in the house, determined that the two women suspected of theft were EK and BU. As a result of the physical monitoring carried out as part of the activities initiated for the arrest of individuals, a woman named EK was arrested. The detainee was arrested and sent to prison by the court to which he was returned after his actions at the police station.

It has been learned that efforts to capture a fugitive woman named BU, suspected of theft, are continuing.