Kayseri'de trafik kazası: 1 ölü, 2 yaralı

Traffic accident in Kayseri: 1 dead, 2 injured

According to the information received, during the accident on the Kayseri – Develi highway, the Renault car with the license plate 38 E 2499, including N.Ç. was the driver, crashed into the light pole after the driver lost control of the steering wheel in the locality of Gavurharmanı.

As soon as the accident was notified, the gendarmerie and medical teams were dispatched to the scene. NC in the car. and F.Ş., were transported to hospital by ambulance by medical teams. It was determined that D.Ç., who was in the car, died during the checks.

The car was removed from its location using a tow truck after an investigation by the gendarmerie teams.

An investigation into the accident has been opened.