Fatih'te kumaş yüklü kamyon devrildi: 1 yaralı

Truck loaded with fabric overturned in Fatih: 1 injured

While the driver of the truck was slightly injured, bags loaded with fabric in his chassis were thrown on the road.

The incident took place in Fatih, Kemal Pasa district, Ordu Street, around 2:30 p.m. Apparently the 44 AHH 417 plate truck loaded with fabric under the direction of Arif Kaya crashed into the iron railings and collapsed in the tram, as its driver lost control of the steering wheel for some unknown reason. .

After the accident, the driver of the truck was slightly injured. Passers-by, on the one hand, rushed to help, on the other hand informed the police, firefighters and medical teams. The medical teams who came to the scene made the first intervention on the injured driver and took him to hospital. Firefighters also came to the scene and inspected the truck.

The bags loaded with fabric in the chassis of the dump truck were transported to another truck arriving at the scene. The overturned truck was lifted using a crane. The accident investigation is continuing.

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