Beylikdüzü D-100 Karayolu'nda aynı yerde iki kaza: 5 yaralı

Two accidents at the same place on the Beylikdüzü D-100 highway: 5 injured

After the accident, 5 people were injured, including a woman, in two consecutive accidents at the same location. Due to the accident, the D-100 highway to Ankara was closed to traffic for a short time.

The accident occurred around 3:15 am in the night in the direction of Beylikdüzü, highway D-100 Ankara. According to the information received, the driver of the light commercial vehicle registered 34 CCR 448, Sinan Doğan, lost control of the steering wheel for an unknown reason and crashed into the barriers. Meanwhile, the driver named Gökhan Akyüz, who was driving the taxi with 34 TAN 69 plates coming from behind in the same direction, and a motorcycle driver stopped to help them when they saw the crash. Drivers who stopped to ask for help notified police and medical teams.


After the accident, the driver by the name of Yunus Emre Çakır, who was driving the car with registration number 06 TR 470 coming from behind in the same direction, crashed into the taxi, which had an accident, and the motorbike, which stopped to ask for help. for some unknown reason. Sinan Doğan, Gökhan Akyüz, Yunus Emre Çakır, Çağatay Çetin and an unknown woman were injured by the impact of the collision. Other passing drivers reported the situation to police, firefighters and medical teams. Firefighters who attended the scene took the driver named Sinan Doğan, who was stuck in the light commercial vehicle, and handed him over to the medical teams. Medical teams provided first aid to Sinan Doğan and 4 other people injured after the accident and took them to the nearest hospitals.


Police teams closed the direction of the D-100 Ankara highway and directed incoming vehicles to the secondary road so that there would be no further accidents at the scene. The vehicles involved in the accident were evacuated from the scene using tow trucks. Once the road was cleared, the police teams reopened the road to the passage of vehicles.


Motorcycle driver named Nurullah Baysal, who survived the crash unscathed, said: “We came for help at the beginning, there was a taxi. We were waiting in the middle lane with the taxi, our motorbike was there. This vehicle came and struck the taxi first, and the taxi struck the light commercial vehicle. He got us stuck in the car. He came and stopped here. There was one person, he had a lot of injuries, ”he said.

Police teams have opened an investigation into the accident.

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