Which countries allow visitors from the United States?

Which countries allow visitors from the United States?

Through Leslie Ignacio, Wen Si, Nigel chiwaya, Jiachuan Wu, Megan Watkins and Bentley maddox

Although there are concerns whether Covid-19 cases are on the verge of another surge, vaccinations are on the rise and Americans are flying in greater numbers than they have in a year. But not all countries welcome US citizens.

NBC News tracks travel restrictions in countries around the world. Here’s what travelers need to know, starting Wednesday, April 28:

  • Twenty countries, including Belize, El Salvador, and Ghana, are fully open to American travelers and tourists.
  • Fourteen countries are completely closed to Americans, including France, Belgium, Libya and New Zealand.
  • The other countries fall somewhere in between, with some offering exceptions for people with dual citizenship, residents, or those with qualifying travel reasons.
  • More than 160 countries require a negative Covid-19 test from travelers.
  • More than 100 countries have some kind of quarantine requirement.
  • More than 80 countries have some sort of curfew.

See the map below for travel details for each country. This map will be updated in the coming weeks as circumstances change.