White House says Kim Jong Un's "dialogue and confrontation" comments are an "interesting signal"

White House says Kim Jong Un’s “dialogue and confrontation” comments are an “interesting signal”

The United States said on Sunday it viewed North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s comments as “an interesting signal” that he was ready for “dialogue and confrontation,” but added that Washington was still awaiting a communication. direct from Pyongyang to start talks regarding denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

In his first direct comments on the administration of US President Joe Biden, Kim urged to prepare for both dialogue and confrontation with the United States, especially the latter, the state news agency said on Friday. KCNA.

Speaking in an interview with ABC News, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said Washington would still need a direct and clear response from Pyongyang expressing its readiness for talks.

“His comments this week are seen as an interesting signal and we will wait to see if they are followed up with any more direct communication with us on a potential path forward,” Sullivan said. “The clear signal they could send is to say ‘yes, let’s do it. Let’s sit down and start the negotiations.'”

Kim’s remarks came two days before the new US envoy to North Korea, Sung Kim, arrived in South Korea for his first visit since taking office last month.

He will meet with his South Korean and Japanese counterparts and meet with other Seoul officials while he stays until June 23, the State Department said Thursday.

North Korea lashed out at the United States and its ally, South Korea, last month, saying Washington’s comments on its North Korean policies were evidence of a hostile approach that required a corresponding response from Pyongyang.