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Wife burned by her husband with hot oil: I don’t want to die

Müjdeci, who demanded the most severe punishment for her husband, who was arrested and filed for divorce, said: “I don’t want to die. I want to live for my children. If he gets out of prison, there is no turning back. , it will definitely kill me. ”

The incident happened on Sunday in the Mescit district of the Silvan district. İhsan Müjdeci said that after having breakfast with his 12-year-old wife, Meral Müjdeci, whom he allegedly used violently for a while, he would go to the kitchen and make eggs. İhsan Müjdeci poured the oil he had heated in the pot over his wife, in front of his two children, then started beating him with a pot. Health and police teams were dispatched to the house on notification from neighbors who heard Meral Müjdeci’s cries. Müjdeci, whose face and body were burned, was taken to hospital by ambulance after receiving first aid. İrfan Müjdeci was arrested by police teams. Müjdeci, who was transferred to the courthouse after his questioning at the police station, was arrested by the court where he was taken. Meral Müjdeci was also discharged from hospital after being treated for burns.


Meral Müjdeci, who came to Kocaeli with her family, went to the courthouse and filed for divorce. Müjdeci, who will continue to receive treatment at regular intervals at the Kocaeli Derince Training and Research Hospital, claimed that her husband had psychological problems and was constantly abusive towards her and that his goal was to kill himself. Explaining that she lived in fear of being killed, Müjdeci said: “When we woke up on Sunday morning, there was nothing. In fact, when we got up in the morning, he told me : ‘The kids want cake.’ made a cake and he opened a pastry shop in the garden. Later, while the children and I were sitting in the yard, he called the children towards him. When I asked him, he replied: ” I have a job, I make eggs. “It turned out that he was heating the oil in the pot at that time. He said,” Merosh, look at me “. turned my back, he threw the oil pan on me, spilled all the oil on me, then started hitting me with the pan before I could get up off the ground. ”When I got up from the pan. ground, the neighbors were shouting ‘Don’ I didn’t knock on the window. My children hugged their legs and continued to abuse me after they both hit them, ”he said.

“WHY DON’T YOU DIE? He shouted

Saying that he fell to the ground in pain after pouring hot oil on him, Müjdeci said, “While beating me, ‘Why don’t you die?’ he cried. What did I do ? When I asked him, he kept beating me. I had edema in my eye from a punch, the doctors thought it was a burn, and later it turned out to be edema. There was no reason, it was a beautiful day. even told us, “We will have a nice Sunday together.” He had psychological problems. He was being treated, but he had refused medication for 2 months. He said to me: ‘I am cured, if you are mad, go to the hospital’.

“My 10 year old son HELD MY HEAD UNTIL MORNING”

Stating that she has been the victim of violence from her husband for years, Meral Müjdeci said her 10-year-old son stayed up until the morning to protect himself and said: “My oldest son did not could sleep. When I left the room, he was cursing behind my back in Kurdish. My son witnessed this and understood something. He didn’t curse my face when he was with me, he was always behind my back. My oldest son sat and waited for me until morning while I slept. He slept after I went to work. In the evening, when I came home from work, he would say: “I am waiting for you, you can sleep comfortably”. I told everyone about this situation at my workplace, but no one believed it, ”he said.


Müjdeci said her husband texted her while she was on the phone to inform relatives that she was going to be sent to jail, and said: “He texted me again while I was in prison. the hospital, in this state, as I struggled with my life. “My Meral, how is your situation?” I will be a victim for you, let me hear your voice, Meroş, he said. I don’t think this person is a healthy person and I absolutely don’t want them out of jail. Does a person kill the one they love and do it like that? I want to get rid of him, “he said.


Meral Müjdeci said that her husband could kill himself on his release from prison: “He is in prison right now and I don’t want him to come out. I have endured so much pain for my children, I have been burned, beaten and I want to live for my children. Please help me. I do not want to die. I want to live for my children. kill me. He kept telling me, ‘I’m going to have you on TV’.

Zekeriya Keleş, who brought his daughter to Kocaeli to live together after her release, said he wanted his son-in-law to receive the heaviest punishment. Keleş expressed his great sadness and said: “He severely mistreated my daughter. A pot of oil is never poured over a person’s head. It’s a crime. I don’t want this to come out of jail. I have 3 daughters and a disabled wife. I want him to be severely punished, “he said.

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