Sultangazi'de ot biçerken su kanalına düşen işçi yaralandı

Worker who fell into water channel while mowing grass in Sultangazi was injured

The incident happened at around 3:00 p.m. yesterday in the green zone along the TEM highway towards Ankara. Hasan Ergün, who works at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s Parks and Gardens Directorate, lost his balance and fell into the water channel while mowing the grass with his friends on the highway.

He was injured when he fell on his back on the concrete floor from a height of about 3 meters. Hearing Hasan Ergün’s calls for help, his friends immediately ran to him.

The medical teams, who went to the scene on summons, provided first aid to the injured on the spot. However, Ergün, who suffered a foot injury, could not be removed from where he was. Firefighters were dispatched to the scene.

As a result of the work of the firefighters for some time, the injured worker was tied to a stretcher and pulled out of the water channel with the help of his friends. The injured worker, writhing in pain, was transported by ambulance to the Sultangazi Haseki Training and Research Hospital.

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